How to Create a WordPress Post

WordPress is a great CMS for users of all skill levels. Even those who are completely unfamiliar with coding can create a basic website using WordPress. As part of our series of tutorials for the new WordPress user, we present here a quick 5 step rundown on how to create a WordPress post.

1. Log-In to WordPress

One of the best things about WordPress is its global features. Two completely different sites will often have very similar user interfaces. Even logging in to a WordPress site is nearly exactly the same for all WordPress sites. The only thing that changes is the URL of the site you are using.

To log-in to WordPress just navigate to your site and add “/wp-admin” after the URL. So to reiterate, the URL will look like this “” Then just enter your username and password and you are in.

2. Navigate to Posts in the WordPress Dashboard

Upon logging in you will automatically be taken to what is called the WordPress Dashboard. On the left-hand side of your screen you should see a darkened column containing a number of links, the first of which will likely be “Dashboard”. The dashboard may be slightly different depending on your theme but “Posts” should be either directly below or a few down from “Dashboard”. Once you find the “Posts” link there are a few options for creating a new post. Either hover over the link and select “Add New” from the drop-down menu or click the “Posts” link and select “Add New” from the menu that appears below “Posts”.

3. Enter a Title

This one is simple. You will see a text area directly above the “Add New Post” heading on the new post page. Add your title in that box. Now to get a little more advanced for a minute, you should always think of your title as a keyword representing the post. Meaning, think of what someone would Google to find this post and try and use that keyword or phrase in the post’s title.

4. Add Content and Imagery

Again this one is not too difficult. Directly below where you just entered the title you will see a significantly larger text area. That is where you should enter the written content and imagery of your post. To add an image to the post, use the “Add Media” button found on left side of the screen just above the content area. The prompts for adding new media are fairly self-explanatory; another great feature found throughout WordPress.

5. Publish your Post

Once you have the post the way you’d like it, navigate to the right side of the screen near the top you will see a blue button labeled “Publish”. Click that button and the post you’ve just created is live! If you would like to see what the post will look like first, you can use the gray “Preview” button found just above and to the left of “Publish”. This will open a preview of how the post will look in a new tab.

Alright, well that should cover how to create a WordPress post. Hope it helped you along on your website-creating journey. Please check back for more tutorials from our team at Factotum Web Design.

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